Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Visit to Munster

Today I was able to sit in on more classes.  Yesterday we were busy with the film crew so we just got our class schedules today.  I do not need to be in classes all day, and today I was finished at 1:15.  Tomorrow I will be finished at 9:30.  During the classes today we were allowed some time to teach.  Mostly we watched the teacher teach first, and then we repeated the process.  We will always be working in English classes, so it is all spoken in English.  Even our talking is a great way for the students to learn correct pronunciation and accent of English words.  In one class, we were able to work with small groups and discuss the differences between small and big towns in America.  All of the students at the school know enough English to communicate well.
Some of the day was spent finishing plans for this weekend.  My host mother has a friend who lives in a town near Fussen and the castles and we are going to stay there tomorrow night so we have more time in Fussen on Thursday.  We had to reserve our train tickets so that we can leave tomorrow after school.  I am a bit nervous about the transfer times, so pray that we do not miss any trains.  I am thankful we only have 2 transfers.
For the rest of the evening we visited nearby Munster.  It is a much larger town with a lot of old buildings and churches.  I liked the town almost as much as Potsdam.  We walked among the streets and saw two of the biggest churches.  There is also a castle that has been made into a university.  The streets were all cobblestone with lots of small shops along the way.  Germany has many more walking paths in towns.  Instead of inclosed malls that you find commonly in America, the malls here are all open connected by pathways.  I went with my host mother, Kayla, and her host sister. Here is a picture of one of the churches.  It seemed like I was looking at a life size poster when standing in front of the church.  It was really cool.

The plans for this weekend include the first night near Fussen at the friend's house, and then one night in Fussen where we will visit castles and hike the alps.  On Friday we will go to Munich probably in the afternoon and then spend two nights in Munich.  We want to see a concentration camp on Sunday and then return to Werne.  I do not think I will be able to blog during this time, so stay posted and I will write when I return.


  1. I love reading your posts, Emily! I especially liked reading your description of Berlin since I am currently taking a class on post-WWII Germany that focuses a lot on the division of Berlin, and I didn't get to visit the city while I was there in 2011. I did make it to Munich and also visited Dachau. Sounds like you're having an awesome time so far. :)

  2. Crystal!! It is good to hear that someone other than my parents is reading the blog! Haha. We will have to meet up this summer and share German experiences.