Monday, April 28, 2014

First Days in Werne

I did have some time to visit the Tiergarten on Saturday in Berlin.  It is the largest city park in Europe.  You can rent row boats and row in the lake.  We also went to a flea market that afternoon.  They were selling a lot of interesting things.  To end the day we went out to eat as a group.  We were all happy with our stay in Berlin but ready to move on.

Now I am in Werne with my host family.  They are very nice!!  I live with a mother and 2 daughters on a German farm.  The oldest daughter, Judith, is 15 and the younger daughter, Esther, is 14.  They were waiting at the station as we exited the train on Sunday.  They live in a big house and they have given me my own room.  They also have a big yard with horses, cow, pigs, and chickens.  Here is a picture of the house:

To get to school I rode the bus with Judith from the house to Herbern, and then from Herbern to Werne.  Today at school we did not do much.  We were introduced to the teachers and given a tour.  Tomorrow we will get our schedules and start teaching.  The town center is not far from the school, so we walked there afterward.  I really like the town.  Upon returning to Herbern, I went to visit a nearby castle.  The surrounding park was really beautiful, green, and quiet.  I have spent the evening back at home trying to make more plans for this weekend.  My host mom is being very helpful.  I am also eating some delicious food.  The biggest thing I miss about America right now is the ice.  Germans do not use ice in drinks, and most drinks are actually kept warm.


  1. Dad wants to know how big the farm is and what is the name of the school.

  2. The farm is very big. I was able to ride one of the horses around the yard on Sunday. The grandfather takes care of the farm and he lives on the first floor of the house while we are on the second and third floors. The family has their own bus stop named after them. The school in Werne is called Anne Frank Gymnasium. Next week, however, I will be working at an elementary school in Herbern. I do not know the name of it.