Tuesday, April 22, 2014

First Days in Berlin

We have landed! I am typing this from a German computer at the hotel, so if some of my letters are mixed up that is why. Yesterday was probably one of the longest days ever.  We left at 6:00 eastern time and landed at 8 am Berlin time.  We still had the whole day ahead of us.  The hotel is really nice, but it does not offer free wi-fi.  For most of the day we just walked around the surrounding areas of the hotel.  We are in a really nice part of Berlin with a lot of shopping.  There are lots of trees! Green space was designed between all of the roads and I really like that.  We walked past a church that had been bombed in the war and they decided to leave it.  It looks really cool and the pictures to come won´t do it justice.  We also walked through the KaDeWe, one of Germany´s largest department stores.  They had a whole floor devoted to food! One of my favorite sections was the American section where they sold pop-tarts.  Some of them were different, German flavors.  We saw the famous Berlin walk symbols.  After naptime in the afternoon, we walked around some more and then went to dinner.  Even though it can be expensive, I really liked where we ate.  There was a courtyard entirely surrounded by ivy.
Now that we know the surrounding area, we plan to venture to the government district today.  I slept really well last night, so I should not have trouble adjusting to the time change now.  More to come hopefully, but the hotel computers are in high demand.

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